Entrepreneurship at Chalmers?

Chalmers Entrepreneurship Society is a society for aspiring entrepreneurs mainly studying at Chalmers. Our goal is to act as a hub between the students, the companies and the entrepreneurial organizations at and around Chalmers. To achieve this goal we arrange events, workshops and lectures. An example would be hosting hackathons or competitions where the students can team up and implement their skill and ambition on shorter projects or problems.

A hub for entrepreneurs

One of our central values is to act as a hub between students and organizations, and our main emphasis is to get the students involved themselves. We want CES to be student driven, and to encourage and support the students own initiatives and projects with the goal of them being able to stand on their own legs and in turn contribute to the society.

Why partner with CES?

As a hub, it is vital that Chalmers Entrepreneurship Society seeks to provide value also for its partnerning organizations. CES offers companies the opportunity to host lectures, events or workshops. Contact us below to find out how we can help you get in touch with the entrepreneurial division of chalmers and its students.

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Want to help young entrepreneurs out and at the same time reach an extraordinary community of Chalmers based innovators? CES offers companies the opportunity to host their own seiminars, events, workshops or why not competitions? Let's talk!